Understanding Islam and Muslim Militants

* Islam is: Undergo God. ‘Islam’ means undergo His will and steerage, as enunciated within the holy Quran. Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and Zoroastrians all are advised of their non secular scriptures to undergo the need of God. That is the instructing in Bible, Gita, and all different non secular scriptures, as effectively. We should give up to the need of God. Thus on this perception, there isn’t a distinction in all religions of the world – besides Buddhism, which doesn’t imagine in existence of God.

*’Islam’ is a verb – to ‘submit’ to the need of God; however as a rule, it’s linked with militancy, albeit wrongly. The reasonable Muslims, who’re in majority, have chosen to not condemn militants or their violence, out of worry or for regardless of the motive.

2. Muslims imagine in monotheism

* Muslims imagine in a single God. Christians, Sikhs too imagine in that. Hinduism believes in a number of Gods and a piece of Hindus believes in Idol worship. Islam is in opposition to idolatry however Quran doesn’t ask its followers to make use of violence in opposition to Kafirs, as idol- worshippers are known as in Islam. Online Quran learning doesn’t ask its followers to bask in violence in opposition to non-believers, as militants do.

* In Islam, polytheism, affiliation of Allah with one other god, or the denial of His absolute command of universe is sin and known as Shirk. Islam and Christianity differ on this regard. Christians affiliate Christ with God, as son of God and Muslims do not concur.

*Surah 4:116, 121: ‘Certainly Allah doesn’t forgive that anyone needs to be related to Him on close to equal footing… and whosoever associates a associate with Allah, he certainly strays off into far error.These are they, whose abode is hell, they usually shall not discover any refuge from it.’

3. Convey message of Quran, however do not drive conversions

Excerpt from Quran:

*Surah 3:20: So in the event that they dispute with thee, say: I submit myself solely to Allah and so does he who follows me.” And say to those that have been given the E-book and to those that are unlearned (those that do not imagine in Quran): “Do ye (additionally) submit yourselves?” In the event that they submit then they’re in proper steerage, but when they flip again, thy obligation is simply to convey the Message.

*Surah 2:256: Let there be no compulsion in faith

*Surah 109:6: To you be your faith, to me mine.

4. Thus it’s clear that Quran would not ask its followers to transform non-Muslims to Islam in opposition to their will. Historical past tells us in any other case. Why it’s so? It’s a company resolution, to reinforce the income assortment in mosques. Spiritual preachers will not be a lot bothered about qualitative enchancment of followers, they’re taken with numbers.

*A current living proof is of a Shankracharya – a high Hindu non secular determine – who has tried to belittle, Sai Baba of Shirdi, a historic determine with massive Hindu following. His temple is likely one of the richest temples in India. Shankracharya wishes that idols of Shirdi Sai Baba needs to be faraway from Hindu temples. Could also be Shankracharya is holding Shirdi Sai Baba, accountable for poor choices or donations at different Hindu temples.

5. Does Quran justify violence?

Quran helps violence solely when, the Muslim neighborhood is combating vastly superior forces, who search to annihilate the monotheistic Islam. The Quran places it this fashion in Surah 4:75: And why should not you battle in the reason for God and in the reason for those that, being weak, are mistreated: the boys, girls and youngsters whose solely cry is, “Our Lord! Ship us from this land whose persons are oppressors. Ship us somebody who will defend us, and ship us somebody who will assist!”

Creation of Israel after Second World Warfare was a choice the place Palestinians needed to vacate and make place for Israel. They have been weak and had no alternative however to agree. Muslims suppose that it is a case the place Surah 4:75 is relevant. It’s a debatable query, however it wants consideration.

6. Suicide-bombers will not be accepted by Quran

Hadith – the ebook of non secular pointers for Muslims – states ‘Whosoever kills himself in any approach will probably be tormented in the identical approach in Hell. If he kills himself by blade or iron rod, will probably be tormented with similar blade or iron rod within the fires of Hell ‘. Life is the final word reward of God, solely He can resolve when to take it again.

7. Steps to counter or curtail militancy in Islam

(a) Educate girls. Illiteracy could be very excessive amongst Muslim girls. There’s a want to make sure equality of genders amongst Muslims. In under-developed international locations, scenario is worst. Ladies will not be allowed to attend college. In Nigeria, Boko Haram doesn’t enable Western schooling. Ladies will not be allowed inside mosque in some sects of Islam. Educated Muslim girls could have optimistic affect in society.

(b) First step – deal with intra-religion violence. Current Sunni terrorists assault on Shias in Iraq is a evident instance of hatred between completely different Islam sects. There’s a have to create consciousness amongst Shia and Sunni Muslims about futility of killing one another. There are numerous different sects, who’re ostracised by each Sunnis and Shias, for instance, Ahmadiyya sect.

(c) Proactively clarify Quran by media to counter fundamentalists. We have to publicise excerpts from Quran in media, to counter militants violence and to teach illiterate Muslims world over, who’re being brain- washed by orthodox fundamentalist clerics like Hafiz Saeed. We rely upon non secular academics (Imams and Ayatollahs) for interpretation of Online Quran learning. They will misuse the privilege and situation ‘fatwas’ in opposition to Salman Rushdie and others. To bask in violence when a prophet is topic of caricature, isn’t what faith teaches us. All of us should be taught to be tolerant of others’ views. If correctly put throughout, the Muslims militancy will probably be contained. Until then, let non- Muslims chorus from commenting upon the prophet and keep away from hurting Muslim sentiments.

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