What Is Yoga? Is Current Yoga Publicity Misconceived?

The time period Yoga may be very a lot in use lately. Worldwide Yoga day was celebrated with a whole lot of fan fare just lately globally. It seems as if the general public has turn out to be very a lot conscious of the Yoga and its benefits to the mankind.

What does Yoga imply really? Properly, in mathematical terminology Yoga means a plus signal i.e. addition e.g.. Two plus two is the same as 4. In astrological time period Yoga means a risk of sure occasion taking place or not taking place e.g.. There’s a Yoga’ of marriage of any individual or there’s a robust Yoga of his overseas journey and so forth.

However lately Yoga has turn out to be akin to bodily workouts to maintain you match and effective. Some declare Yoga as a treatment for medical illnesses. It’s good that individuals are changing into conscious of a number of makes use of of Yoga however that is certainly irony of destiny that on this maddening race of discovering novel achievements of Yoga the actual objective of Yoga seems to have been overpassed, undermined or taken a again seat.

In non secular terminology Yoga means a union. The union of the soul with the God is known as Yoga. In response to Hindu or Indian mythology God’s ‘SIM’ or ‘chip’ or the non secular spark within the type of soul is current in every human being.

Within the human physique it is just the soul which is immortal, everlasting, infinite and excellent. This soul belongs to the non secular world and has to get liberated from this materials physique to unite with the God. This technique of uniting our soul with the God is attained via Yoga.

Since God is impersonal, immortal, everlasting, infinite and a precept, not an individual, it isn’t doable to see him with our materials eyes. God can solely be perceived and Yoga is a technique to understand God.

The only objective of the soul is to understand its divine nature and origin and handle to unite with the God via Yoga. Completely different types of Yoga are tailored to completely different nature and temperaments of males or ladies which embrace ‘Karma Yoga’, ‘Bhakti Yoga’, ‘Raj Yoga’ and ‘Gyan Yoga’.

Attaining God by performing work and duties within the identify of God with out attachment to the fruits thereof is known as the ‘Karma Yoga’. Elevation to non secular consciousness via philosophical data is termed because the ‘Gyan Yoga’ whereas attaining God via meditation making use of mechanical course of to manage thoughts and senses is known as the ‘Raj Yoga’ or the ‘Ashtang Yoga’. All these three sorts of Yoga culminate in ‘Bhakti Yoga’ which is selfless devotion and unconditional love for the God.

The dictionary which means of Yoga additionally means a system involving respiration train and the holding of a specific physique place primarily based on Hindu philosophy.

So spiritually the aim of Yoga is to unite the divine soul with the God almighty and that is the tip of the faith or ‘mukti’ or salvation or liberation from the miseries of the world. In order that the cycle of beginning and demise is damaged as soon as for all.

However this spiritual angle is nowhere to be seen in Yoga publicity lately. The message being projected is as if Yoga is a method to construct up your physique and treatment your physique illnesses.

There could also be 101 methods to construct up your physique or treatment your physique illnesses however there is just one technique to do ‘pranayam’ or meditation in ‘Raj Yog’ to unite with the God aside from Karm Yog, Gyan Yog and Bhakti Yog.

Yoga was by no means meant to be a parallel of recent gymnasiums of lately or a instrument to treatment physique illnesses because it has a much bigger position to carry out.

I really feel that the aim of Yoga is being mis publicised or misrepresented. As a substitute of being a instrument to get ‘mukti’ or salvation from the miseries of this world it’s being projected as a key to reside for 200 years when the common life span of an individual on this world is round 80 to 90 years.

Furthermore, that is towards the fundamental objective of the Yoga as enshrined in ‘Bhagvat Gita’, a Hindu spiritual statute guide, which says that the purpose of Yoga is to facilitate the union of the soul with the God and grant ‘mukti’ or salvation to the mankind from the miseries of this world as soon as for all.

I’m a born Hindu admiring and adoring Hindu faith and tradition from the core of my coronary heart. I’m 73 plus. In response to me Yoga is a topic of non secular research since its journey begins from the materio-spiritual stage of the human physique i.e.. from the thoughts which is located behind the dual eyes in straight line from the tip of the nostril backwards.

The seat of the soul is claimed to be simply behind the thoughts and adjoining to it. After we flip the thoughts inwards via Yoga it meets the soul. Focus and meditation at this juncture provides notion of God finally after continued follow. No different which means or objective could be attributed to jain yoga which is a instrument for inward journey.

Those that do Yoga for every other objective can’t be mentioned to be a ‘Yogi’ in line with ‘Srimad Bhagwad Gita’ which is claimed to be an authenticated spiritual textual content of Hindu philosophy and faith.

It seems that another objective is being tried to be achieved and relatively is being achieved within the garb of giving Yoga coaching to the folks in faux public curiosity. Yoga is a particular function of Hindu philosophy. Any try and undermine or destroy its sanctity can’t be tolerated.

Since Yoga has originated in India it’s India’s non secular present to the entire Universe to achieve salvation from the miseries of this world and unite with the God however God can’t be attained by doing any of those bodily acrobatics that are being taught to the folks in public curiosity within the identify of Yoga.

It should quantity to mockery if a incorrect message is shipped to the world at massive that Yoga is supposed to construct up your physique and treatment your physique illnesses by hiding actual which means and objective of Yoga as enshrined in ‘Srimad Bhagvad Gita’.

I’m afraid that for the reason that credit score for the observance of Worldwide Yoga Day goes to the present Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi, the discredit for the hit again, if any, due to the doubtful publicity of Yoga could not go to him due to his weak place and being the Karta, that’s, the Working Head of this nation.

I’ve penned down my emotions in good religion. Nevertheless, that is my particular person view. I could also be incorrect. There could also be different real causes to justify the change of angle of which I will not be conscious.

Let goodness prevail and let folks be benefited by the brand new Yoga tradition.

I’m sorry that this write up has turn out to be a bit prolonged. The issue is that if I depart it within the center the chain of ideas and the rhythm each are damaged and these are very tough to revive. So please bear with me and excuse me for holding you a bit longer than vital. With greatest needs.

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